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Apžvalgos langai, komplektai

Pos. Type Description Downloads View online
1 Circular sight glass fitting Circular sight glass fitting DIN 28120 forwelding into and onto a vessel wall. Datasheet ENG Manual
2 Lightweight circular sightglass Circular stainless steel sight glass units for use in non pressurised vessels. Datasheet ENG Manual
3 DIN 28121 Circular sightglass fitting for viewing of internals of pressure vessels, tanks, silos, stirred vess... Datasheet ENG Manual
4 Double circular sightglass Circular sightglass fittings for bolt mounting double sightglass fitting for viewing the internals o... Datasheet ENG Manual
5 Screwed sight glass fitting MV Screwed sightglass for viewing into bioreactors, laboratory mixers, filters as well as into process... Datasheet ENG Manual
6 Rectangular sightglass Sightglass fittings for for viewing the internals of vessels, silos, reactors etc., mainly used as f... Datasheet ENG Manual
7 Oblong oval sight glass fitting Sightglass fitting complete with an oblong oval glass plate sealed by gaskets inserted on either sid... Datasheet ENG
8 DIN 2642 Tubular sightglass / flow indicator. For visual control of state of fluid and flow in pipelines. Datasheet ENG Manual
9 ESKS / SKS Hinged sightglass without luminaire, type SKS. Suitable for food processing. Datasheet ENG Manual