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Signaliniai įrenginiai, optiniai, lauko sąlygoms

Pos. Type Description Downloads View online
1 Light BLS Robust Strobe Light BLS with impact resistant plastic housing, IP54 Datasheet ENG
2 Light BLK Strobe Light BLK Very robust strobe light with impact resistant housing, IP65 Datasheet ENG
3 Light BLG10 Strobe Light BLG 10 with impact and vibration resistant rubber housing, IP67 Datasheet ENG
4 Light BLE 15 Weatherproof Strobe Light BLE 15 for industrial use, IP66 Datasheet ENG
5 Light XL04 Strobe Light XL04 with impact resistant plastic housing, IP66 Datasheet ENG
6 Light XL04 UL Strobe Light XL04 UL with impact resistant plastic housing, UL approved, IP65 Datasheet ENG
7 Light ProfiFlash Strobe Light ProfiFlash with modern and modular housing design, IP54 Datasheet ENG
8 Light SLB2 Double Strobe Light SLB 2 with 2x7,5 Joule and 3 different flash modes, IP54 Datasheet ENG
9 Beacon SLD1 Rotating Mirror Beacon SLD 1 Robust and light intensitive, IP54 and vehicles use Datasheet ENG
10 Beacon SLD2 Rotating Mirror Beacon SLD 2 Robust and light intensitive, vehicles use Datasheet ENG