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Gnybtai, kabeliai, ritės ir apkabos

The Bond-Rite range provides a "middle ground" between grounding systems with interlock capability and basic clamps, by enabling operators identify a low resistance ground path via a green LED indicator, with the option of having the indicator mounted in a grounding clamp or in a separate indicator station. All Bond-Rites continuously monitor the ground path resistance for the duration of the operation.

The Cen-Stat range of FM and ATEX approved grounding clamps are designed to operate in the toughest environments and the approvals they carry “benchmark” their capacity to maintain good electrical contact with equipment at risk of electrostatic hazards.

Pos. Type Description Downloads View online
1 Bond-Rite grounding clamp Self testing grounding clamp with visual indication and monitoring, Ex II 1 GD EEx ia IIC T4. IP65. Datasheet ENG
2 Bond-Rite EZ Portabel static grounding and bonding assembly, visual indication and monitoring, Ex II 1 GD EEx ia ... Datasheet ENG
3 X90 Heavy duty static grounding clamp, for containers, drums, kegs, vessels, IBCs and mobile tankers, cl... Datasheet ENG
4 X45 Medium duty static grounding clamp for cables and reels, tungsten carbide tips, Zone 0 and 20, Ex II... Datasheet ENG
5 VESX90/G03 High performance anti-static cables for use with Cenelectrex ATEX approved clamps. Datasheet ENG
6 Quick-Connect For use with Earth-Rite and Bond-Rite systems. Datasheet ENG
7 VESC41..43 C-clamp, screwdown type, clamp jaw opening 0-70 mm, heavy duty and Ex II 2 GD T6 versions. Datasheet ENG
8 REB Plier clamp with or without cable, clamp jaw opening 0-23 mm, Ex II 1 GD T6. Datasheet ENG
9 ALS10 A Aircraft clamp, die cast aluminium with mild steel serrated cntacts, clamp jaw opening 0-25 mm, Ex I... Datasheet ENG
10 FIBC clamp Clamp for flexible static dissipative materials, with or without cable, clamp jaw opening 0-23 mm, E... Datasheet ENG