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Telefonai ir kompiuteriai

Phones, mobile phones, communication equipment, PDAs and computers with ATEX-approval for explosion hazardous area (Ex). Also phones for industrial use and built-in GSM-phoneset for all kind of vehicles.

Safety for lone-workers: The new-generation work phones have many functions that improve safety. Such features as ‘Man down’, ‘No motion’, ‘Life-check’, an alarm button, and use of the GPS system can all save lives.

Product groups

1 Mobilūs telefonai, GSM
2 Phones, in-vehicle
3 GSM-R telefonai
4 Stacionarūs telefonai
5 Telefonai sterilioms patalpoms
6 Motorola, telefonai, TETRA
7 Planšetai ir delninukai
8 Motorola, radio stotelės
9 Headset, bluetooth