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1 June 2017

New IEC grounding standard

New standard to protect against the risks caused by static electricity in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has published new technical specifications: IEC 60079-32-1 "Explosive atmospheres - Part 32-1: Electrostatic hazards, guidance". The guidance document is included in the IEC guidelines 60079 "Explosive atmospheres". The standard is designed to prevent fire from spreading and explosions caused by electrical faults.


  • Handling of solid materials

  • Storage and handling of liquids

  • Handling of gases and vapours

  • Storage and handling of powders

  • Storage and handling of explosive materials

  • Preventing electrostatic discharges

  • Earthing machinery and settling potentials

The publication makes up the most extensive set of guidelines prepared so far, offering a harmonised global procedure for managing electrostatic risks at workplaces. The specification provides additional information about appropriate materials, processes and equipment on which electrostatic discharges can have effects. It also clearly describes how the risks can be minimised.

Guide and grounding brochure

We have published a guide on the topic with Newson Gale – "Grounding & Bonding Applications Handbook". It provides extensive knowledge of the risks and their management – Concrete actions for safer work.

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